GRI 403: Occupational Health and Safety 2018
In October 2021 we conducted Take a Breath at our operations in Germany, a week-long campaign to raise awareness on mental health. Our DSOs in other countries had the opportunity to participate as well. It consisted of a lunch-and-learn session, a panel discussion, talks by renowned outside experts, and a series of workshops, including one designed for our top 100 managers. Mental health is an increasingly important issue, especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which may create added stress for some employees. In 2021 we again conducted Energise your Health at our operations in Germany, a series of month-long campaigns to raise our employees’ health awareness. The focus in March, for example, was on new work, ergonomics, and digital exercise; in June, on addiction and walking for exercise; September to November on diabetes prevention. The activities and resources included videos, podcasts, presentations by in-house specialists, and special nutrition offers. With the support of an outside consultant, throughout 2021 we periodically assessed the HSE maturity of Westnetz, an DSO in west-central Germany. In the second half of the year we extended the process, in a somewhat reduced scope, to all our DSOs. The aim of these quick checks is to establish DSO-specific risk profiles, aggregate them into a company-wide risk profile, and define action areas for each DSO and for the group as a whole. Best practices and lessons learned are shared across all DSOs. We expect to complete the project by year-end 2022. The purpose of this programme, which was initiated in 2019, is to make E.ON an industry leader in HSE and to address the issue more prominently across the organisation. It has four focus areas: learning from incidents so that they don’t happen again, improving key HSE processes, enhancing E.ON’s knowledge, and improving data management. In 2021 we adopted a new group-wide standard for HSE risk management, which took effect at the start of the year. We also worked on a group-wide standard for contractor management, which will take effect in the first quarter of 2022. In addition, we conducted an HSE compliance check at our operations in Croatia, updated a number of HSE questionnaires, and monitored adoption of the aforementioned standard for HSE risk management.