GRI 405: Diversity and Equal Opportunity 2016
In March 2021 the E.ON Management Board adopted measures to achieve more diversity and inclusion in the near term at E.ON in Germany. It recommended that the measures be implemented, to the degree feasible, at E.ON units in other countries as well. One example is the promotion of co-leadership, in which two part-time managers share a leadership position, giving them greater flexibility in balancing their professional and private lives. Another flexible option is a part-time leadership position, in which a manager works at least 80 per cent, with full time as an option. In addition, recruitment policies for management positions will be adjusted so that at least one candidate on the shortlist is from the underrepresented gender. Other measures include mandatory diversity training sessions for all managers (similar training sessions for all employees are also being planned) and workshops on using inclusive language in job advertisements. International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is commemorated on May 17; International Diversity Day and German Diversity Day during the same week. In 2021 E.ON took this as an opportunity to celebrate a Digital Diversity Week on Connect, our corporate intranet and social media platform, from May 17 to 21. We highlighted different facets of diversity and inclusion and presented the aforementioned new measures adopted by the Management Board in March to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the near term.
CEOs speak to their employees in a variety of formats: speeches at company gatherings, video messages, and emails. In April 2021 E.ON decided together with CEO Leonhard Birnbaum to create a format whose purpose isn’t so much for him to speak to employees but rather to listen to them: about the work environment at E.ON, remote and part-time work arrangements, diversity networks, workplace discrimination, and many other issues. The format, called the listening tour, consists of in-person or online meetings with individuals or groups of two. The first video from the tour was posted on the company intranet in July 2021, and two others followed by year-end. The tour will continue in 2022.