GRI 205: Anti-corruption 2016
Members of our Group Compliance team serve on the boards of a variety of organisations. One example is the German Institute for Compliance (DICO), where we were represented as a board member and deputy chairman of DICO’s criminal law working group for the second year running. The mission of this non-profit association is to set standards for compliance, to play a key role in shaping good corporate governance in Germany, and to serve as a network for compliance experts in and outside Germany. In keeping with our strong belief that an effective CMS requires an interdisciplinary approach and an understanding of decision making within organisations, we started a new DICO working group devoted to behavioural compliance and ethics. In 2021 we continued to make use of our eLearning module to foster a speak-up culture in which employees feel encouraged to openly address their concerns related to compliance issues. It reinforces employees’ familiarity with our compass for business decisions, poses compliance questions on hypothetical situations, and clarifies when employees should contact a Compliance Officer. To foster a listen-up culture, Compliance Officers group-wide received training to identify potential reasons for, and consequences of, employees remaining silent. In addition, an interview we had conducted with a prominent German whistle-blower was made available to all our employees in Germany. The aim was to reinforce the importance of a speak-up culture. In 2021 we started to implement our interdisciplinary project with the Max Weber Institute of Sociology at Heidelberg University, the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin, and the latter’s spin-off, Simply Rational GmbH to foster a behavioural- and evidence-based approach to our compliance programme. The project, which is funded by the KBA-Nota Sys Integrity Fund, is scheduled to run through year-end 2022. In January 2021 we released a desktop and mobile app called The Digital Rulebook group-wide. It gives E.ON employees yet another way to resolve uncertainty regarding compliance do’s and don’ts swiftly and easily.