GRI 417: Marketing and Labelling 2016
Relaunched in mid-2020, our Experience Share Programme continued in 2021. It consists of several sessions each year whose aim is to facilitate best-practise sharing, encourage cross-regional cocreation, and promote innovation in our customer experience and insights. The focus in 2021 was on topics that are priorities at our regional units. These include best practices for customer journeys in our residential solar business, for customer engagement to promote loyalty and referrals, and for motivating our frontline colleagues to deliver great experiences. We shared the best practises of regional units that excel in a particular area. In 2021 we held five sessions on industry best practices that were attended by about 30 to 60 participants. Both of the new E.ON’s core businesses – energy networks and customers solutions – make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change. For our new brand campaign, “Time for Action,” we teamed up with renowned mountaineer and environmentalist Reinhold Messner, who was joined by E.ON CEO Leonhard Birnbaum and 25 of our employees, customers, and partners on a glacier in Austria to share stories and experiences. We filmed their discussions, and the resulting advertisement premiered in the United Kingdom, Italy and Hungary in the fourth quarter of 2021. In the spirit of the campaign, we made the ad itself climate-neutral by purchasing certified offsets for the emissions associated with its production in Austria and broadcast in the United Kingdom. We conducted annual assessments of the maturity of our complaint management in all countries where we operate from 2017 to 2020. Because our operations in all countries worked hard on improving their digital structures and channels during the pandemic, we used 2021 to update the maturity questionnaire to reflect new digital services and omni-channel approaches. The questionnaire will be used from 2022 onward to assess complaint maturity in our various markets. Our swift progress in 2021 was highlighted by one of Germany’s biggest daily newspapers rating five E.ON chatbots as among the country’s six best. In 2021 we worked closely with our regional units to improve experiences in our customer journeys. In addition to direct support, we offer employees at our regional units a range of training modules on topics like design thinking, design sprints, and customer research. We conducted ten modules in 2021 with over 200 participants. In addition, Market Excellence, Excellence.ON, and customer experience experts from all regions began collaborating in a programme to use research and data analytics to identify common customer pain points and design solutions to address common customer issues across all of our regions. The issues include price/value perception, excellent (self-)service, customer loyalty programmes, and digital sales. Since the programme started in July, over ten solutions have been developed to address price/value perception. In October 2021 we launched a campaign to get employees excited about the E.ON brand and what it stands for. The objective is to project our brand from the inside out and to bring its mantra – “WE has no limits” – to life. The mantra reminds our people that we can accomplish more by harnessing the power of the many and by combining their different skills and perspectives. None of us alone is as strong as all of us together. Everyone at E.ON is part of a team or project that’s doing something great to help build a sustainable society. The campaign aims to make each of our employees a brand ambassador for these achievements.